Friday, June 29, 2018

The Knights of House Traxis

Like most, its time to revisit and update my Knights.  I've done a few and have sold them off, then did a bunch for commission, which I have a ton of now, but for my Knights its time to give rebirth to my own household "House Traxis"

A Mechanicus loyal house on a planet of the same name. Traxis is an AdMech Bio-Experiment world where the Mechanicus is working on methods of Tera-forming. The result is a Death World unlike any in the Galaxy, even Catachan looks like paradise compared to Traxis. Death Watch Kill teams use Traxis heavily for training because the vegetation rivals Tyranids. A Tyranid bio-ship once stubbed upon Traxis and got to close to the surface. Vines as thick around as Titans shoot from the surface and pulled the ship out of orbit and the world to Traxis consumed it.

House Traxis strongholds are all subterranean as is the sole Hive City. This Hive City is refereed to as Prime-01 and is fully dedicated to experimentation and archiving of data from other Forgeworlds. Traxis is known to hold almost as much archive data as Mars itself.

The Knights of House Traxis have to venture out daily to combat the ever encroaching life on the planet, the vegetation, the titan sized predators, Traxis is constantly evolving, creating new and dangerous monsters to combat.

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