Sunday, August 21, 2016

Straight up stolen

I love community. I was doing some work today and came back across Drakes Warlord on and saw how he did his "gunk" for they oil grime and to deepen colors.

What a nerve wrecking thing to do but what an effect.  After coating some of the painted parts in floor wax I mixed up some Winton oils, burnt umber and ivory black with some spirits into a gravy consistency. Fully coated the bits, hit with a heat gun till dryish and buffed with an old tshirt.

I think I might switch the black for something not has harsh for the larger plates but the effect is good on the legs and head.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Side Jobs

Progress has slowed a little on my Warlord in attempt to catch up with some commission work. You have to love when commission work includes a Titan, no matter the source. 

I had a chance to work one an old Armorcast Reaver. I've done several of these kits down through the years. On the bench is a Phanton and two Revanent knight/Titans.

The client wanted red and simple. A days worth of work.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Engineering trials

Got an opportunity to play some Apocalypse this weekend. 3000 points per player, 9 players.

Usually the group who played Apoc come loaded for bear, this go around it was a little light.

Helios went into battle "naked" as his plates were in the shop.

Because of that I went more for the World Burner roll just plucking terrain off the table. Then Tau decided to poke the Warlord and took down "A" void shield.....they had to die.

Round 1 my Titan Guard (Ad Mech) were able to dispatch four Battle suits who deep struck in a little to close for comfort.  With the pesky suits a pile of burning radiated husks the Warlord was able to turn its attention to a group of Space Wolves standing on a hill. Helios reached out and burned 30 down as well as a Rhino. The Tau were using cover to effectly so three buildings had to go.

Round 2 more Tau, Riptides, Battlesuites, Stormsurge. All needed removed and Helios saw to it. To sweeten the count more Space Wolves and a Land Raiders were melted to slag.

Round 3 a Supremency Suit dared to remove two more shields so I removed the Supremency suit. I then removed a walled fortification which saw the death of some Tyranids, Helios was able to turn a Marloc into mush with his point-blank defense weapons. I was also able to recover all Void Shields.

Lesion learned: modeled with 8 void shields, only six of them work.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Once again into the B...ath

Making some prep work before painting. After the endskeleton was constructed I still had drilling and pinning and gluing and the like so I went ahead and soaked it the heads and weapons in a mix or Castrol Super Clean and water to help any stubborn release. I then gave everything a coat of Matt sealer. After that's dry it's onto base the primer coat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I got two heads one for the Emperor one for who knows?

There is a good bit of details inside the head. I would hate to seal it up and never look at it again so I worked up some magnets so the crew compartment can be separated from the face plate.  The top sits secure without additional modifications. This will also make painting much easier.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting A head in the game.

Working on the heads tonight I found that there was just the slightest warp or the glue was causing a misalignment in the tops. I wrapped the heads tightly in rubber bands and soaked them in hot water then cold. I repeated this a few times then set aside to dry.  This morning I unwrapped the rubber bands and the heads fit like gloves. No gaps and the parts easy fit together and stayed together.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

In honor of FW open day

Not letting a little bit of blood and  flesh stand in my way, or yard work, or smoking ribs I continue work. My focus is the arms today. Using all my skills up to this point I have used magnets, screws, bolts, JB Weld with a pinch of blood.

Tip. I started using JB clear quick. The JB weld had metal flakes in it, so with heavy magnet use the JB was not behaving nicely. I also used some magnets where I had planned on using washers and had a change of heart. 

When working on any project make sure you can "adjust fire"

I bleed for my hobby.

I have made some progress that I will post soon. But I did a rather less than intelligent thing. Using my fostner bit I was drilling out the upper arm connect. Holding the part in one hand and drilling with the other the bit broke through and bit into my palm, luckily my flesh stopped forward progress. Not to be deterred and with bandage in place I was able to continue.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reading is fundamental

The Internet is a wounderful resource IF you use it. In following FW instructions it has you put the top on the torso. This makes securing the arm and shoulder mounts difficult. Not have some of the proper tools like clamps long enough also don't help. To fix this oversight I've decided to go the screw route again. I'm finding this method is working for me, adding much needed strength to the joins.  Now to hide the screw heads.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slowing it down

Got a couple more steps completed, added the engine vents/void generator. Also, just a heads up.... Beta head is semi-assembled. I did it in such away that the crew compartment can be pulled out and the top is not secure, this is so I can paint it.  

So, going to slow down abit, going to work on the weapons and make them swappable.

Rubber band man

So, first off an any decent engineer will tell you if you don't have a coffee ring on your blue prints then your not doing it right.

The torso "box" was a pain in the a.s.s
I had to pin, screw, clamp, and use a ton of rubber bands. I got epoxy every where, drilled into my thumb and bleed all over it. If the cops ever need some of my DNA just crack this puppy open. But after a lot of cursing and Gin I got him on his feet.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Head on a swivel

Went a little outside the box today. I did not just want swappable heads but I wanted to be able to move and tilt the head as well. I sank a magnet into the neck, then instead of mounting one to the Super structure I let it remain lose. I found that a Testors  dull coat cap fits PERFECT. Dropped sons CA glue around the edges. When I remove the head the magnet falls into the cup. When I place the head back the magnets pull back together.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ahhh, screw it

So after playing with the pinning and the slightly difficult positioning I decided to go with screws. I had some drywall screws to secure the legs to the hips and the feet platform to the legs. I back this up with JB. I did have to adjust the feet abit. Allowing the JB to cure and will screw in after.

Progress, even the smallest.

Back from a vacation to find some magnets in my mail box. Even after 12 hours of driving I could wait. Once again a shout out to 30mm madness. I used 3/4"x3/8" disc. Used my 3/4" fostner bit to drill out the tab. I drilled smaller holes downward for the JB to have extra surface area, I then drill two bleed holes to allow the over flow to escape. Once secure I placed the torso platform and allowed the second magnet to match up. I then covered it with JB.