Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I got two heads one for the Emperor one for who knows?

There is a good bit of details inside the head. I would hate to seal it up and never look at it again so I worked up some magnets so the crew compartment can be separated from the face plate.  The top sits secure without additional modifications. This will also make painting much easier.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting A head in the game.

Working on the heads tonight I found that there was just the slightest warp or the glue was causing a misalignment in the tops. I wrapped the heads tightly in rubber bands and soaked them in hot water then cold. I repeated this a few times then set aside to dry.  This morning I unwrapped the rubber bands and the heads fit like gloves. No gaps and the parts easy fit together and stayed together.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

In honor of FW open day

Not letting a little bit of blood and  flesh stand in my way, or yard work, or smoking ribs I continue work. My focus is the arms today. Using all my skills up to this point I have used magnets, screws, bolts, JB Weld with a pinch of blood.

Tip. I started using JB clear quick. The JB weld had metal flakes in it, so with heavy magnet use the JB was not behaving nicely. I also used some magnets where I had planned on using washers and had a change of heart. 

When working on any project make sure you can "adjust fire"

I bleed for my hobby.

I have made some progress that I will post soon. But I did a rather less than intelligent thing. Using my fostner bit I was drilling out the upper arm connect. Holding the part in one hand and drilling with the other the bit broke through and bit into my palm, luckily my flesh stopped forward progress. Not to be deterred and with bandage in place I was able to continue.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reading is fundamental

The Internet is a wounderful resource IF you use it. In following FW instructions it has you put the top on the torso. This makes securing the arm and shoulder mounts difficult. Not have some of the proper tools like clamps long enough also don't help. To fix this oversight I've decided to go the screw route again. I'm finding this method is working for me, adding much needed strength to the joins.  Now to hide the screw heads.