Saturday, April 25, 2009

I want to paint it black

A few hours after letting the black dry I
took an old rag and gave it a wipe down.

This is tricky as that salt gets in some
hard to get places. But even the salt
I miss still "fits" with the model.

After rubbing the model down for awhile
I started noticing that I was rubbing
it off the rivets and edges so it is
also adding to the weathering that is
to come.

Paint it Black

I used some good sturdy auto body black primer.
GW primer is to $$$ to use to undercoat a model
this large.

I really like how the rust red shows threw in the
nooks and cranes. It already has some decent built
in weathering and shading and I've not even applied
paint yet.

Ork taste like chicken, just add salt

After the undercoat is dry (overnight) I borrowed
some of my wife hair spray. I'm bald so it's not mine.
After I sprayed the models with hair spray I broke
out the salt. On the larger parts one shot of spray
will not hold the salt so I did sections.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is it rusty in here?

First coat of Rusty Brown to use a salt type paint job.
I'm going for a under coat rust look, hence the name of
the color lol.

Mek's been busy

With my Titan build-off days away I thought I should wrap up my Stompa build
or at least get it to a point I could pick at it during the build.

I got all the bitz and scrap I think any self respecting Mek would throw
on a Stompa.

Next up would be the head. The top turret is not glued on yet so I can
paint it on its own.

This is what it would look like with the head attached. At this time its
just sitting their for a picture.

I also left the arms off for painting. I'm thinking of using Mags to
make it easy for moving.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Errr We Go!!

As well as working on my Titan I've also started a "little" side

While I've had Ork armies off and on for the length of this game
I really never gave them much thought but with the release of
the Stompa I just knew that I had to build one if just for
modeling sake.

I've decided to make this an FreeBootez type Stompa with
a pirate theam and will use Ork Kaptin Badrukk as my force

Did some work on it, I wanted to be abit further before I
started my titan but my work schedule has me bogged down.

I decided to put it together in stages and keep it apart
until I get a change to get it painted.

I started off with the body. Its five pices that fit pretty
easy once you move it around for the correct fit. I used
plastic glue which gives you some play, once I got the pices
to fit I used Zap-a-Gap on the inside to secure the hull.

I also used rubber bands to hold it secure until the glue
was dry, as you can see part of my rubber band became glued
to the hull LOL:

Next up come the stages I was speaking about. I constructed
the pipes and weapon arms. At first all the tubing is a
little daunting but really once you figure out the system
its reall well done.

I did go ahead and attached the pipe works, I fell it
pull the model together a little better when i start
painting it.

NOTE: The directions that come with the kit are well enough
but I had to use a combination of the directions and the
White Dwarf edition that highlighted a Stompa build to make
sure I was getting it right, I also refered back to the GW
web site for build information and I still got some
bits backwards like the shoulder gun that looks like a
killa kan.

Next thing is the head. I HATE the head as it comes in the
box, it looks to small and squad to be the command post for
anything that size. I took some insperation from the White
Dwarf and saw that someone used the front end of a Ork Battle
Wagon and love the "jaw" look of it.

I'm going to try the "salt" method of painting on the stompa,
I figure an Ork stompa is one place I can try risky stuff.


Time is ticking

Well time is counting down to when my friend Joe and I really dive
into our Titan project. Getting a litte bit of a head start and
am starting to clean and trim off the extra bits.

I did not get to far before my wife kicked me out of the kitchen
because it was close to dinner time but this is what I did get
done. First off I look over model checkin each part for warping,
damage and over all condition. Its a good thing because I am
missing the brass eched vents for the top but a quick email
to Forgeworld took care of that and they are in the mail.
No bad warping or miscast that I've noticed yet but I'm just
getting started and while I will give it a good cleaning I did
not notice much release agent on the resin.

I did start cutting on the Mega Vulcan bolter and the Plasma
Blast gun before I was "asked" to remove my crap from the table lol.

Some of the vents are pretty easy to pick out:

Others are not so easy to see:

After finding the vents and cutting I like giving them a quick
sanding to smooth them out:

Thats about as far as I got, but I will be back it soon. Any
Advice or tips are welcome


Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Usual Suspects"

SO Big Jon tells me the first step to approaching a big project , like a titan, is checking to see all the parts are there, and giving everything a good scrub to get off the mold release. I decided to set part of Easter Sunday aside for this task. My wife and I went to Mass (we're Catholic) Saturday night, because two of are good friends were being confirmed, and I was, in fact, one of the sponsors...
The service was 3 hours long (gotta love the Catholic church),and all of our butts were extremely sore afterward. The solution...lets go to the local Irish Pub (Kelly O'Niels), to celebrate! Big Jon can tell you more about our history with Kelly O'Neils...

Fast forward to this morning (I say fast forward because things are kinda blurry from last night), and I wake up at the crack of 12, instead of 9, like I'd hoped... Lets just say, I'm not in any mood to catalog Titan parts, and scrub...
Maybe you can help me....Here's a pic of my titan so far. Do you see anything missing? I'm deeply sad about not getting more done this week, but I did manage to catch a snap shot of the culprit in action....maybe I'll get more done next time...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IG uses Troops? Since when?

An IG army is nothing without the grunt to do the grunt work.

With the new system troops are our friends and with IG you
can't have enough.

I tried to take the colors more from an American WWII
stand point instead of the typical Armageddon Steel
Legion and the current German WWII influnce used
heavly in Death Korps. I do like using Model Colors
as they are perfect for that WWII look.

My second set of troops.

And my HQ to lead them.

So, its not much but its a start. I do have a few more
done and will post them later.

Giving my Chimera a new hat

I'm not a big fan of the turret that comes with the Chimera
but I do like the one that comes with the Space Marine Predator.
Its a pretty simple switch and the gun can be passed as either
an Autocannon or Mulit-las.

Noticed I've already hinged the hatch.

To get a good fit I glued a pin made from the frame for a more secure fit.

Next up I give it more of a "Guard" feeling by adding kit and a heavy stubber.