Sunday, April 19, 2009

Errr We Go!!

As well as working on my Titan I've also started a "little" side

While I've had Ork armies off and on for the length of this game
I really never gave them much thought but with the release of
the Stompa I just knew that I had to build one if just for
modeling sake.

I've decided to make this an FreeBootez type Stompa with
a pirate theam and will use Ork Kaptin Badrukk as my force

Did some work on it, I wanted to be abit further before I
started my titan but my work schedule has me bogged down.

I decided to put it together in stages and keep it apart
until I get a change to get it painted.

I started off with the body. Its five pices that fit pretty
easy once you move it around for the correct fit. I used
plastic glue which gives you some play, once I got the pices
to fit I used Zap-a-Gap on the inside to secure the hull.

I also used rubber bands to hold it secure until the glue
was dry, as you can see part of my rubber band became glued
to the hull LOL:

Next up come the stages I was speaking about. I constructed
the pipes and weapon arms. At first all the tubing is a
little daunting but really once you figure out the system
its reall well done.

I did go ahead and attached the pipe works, I fell it
pull the model together a little better when i start
painting it.

NOTE: The directions that come with the kit are well enough
but I had to use a combination of the directions and the
White Dwarf edition that highlighted a Stompa build to make
sure I was getting it right, I also refered back to the GW
web site for build information and I still got some
bits backwards like the shoulder gun that looks like a
killa kan.

Next thing is the head. I HATE the head as it comes in the
box, it looks to small and squad to be the command post for
anything that size. I took some insperation from the White
Dwarf and saw that someone used the front end of a Ork Battle
Wagon and love the "jaw" look of it.

I'm going to try the "salt" method of painting on the stompa,
I figure an Ork stompa is one place I can try risky stuff.

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