Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting the colors right

Taking a small break from the building to figure out the painting.

I used one of my "extra" parts FW sent for a test run. Pretty happy
with it so far.

IMG_0342 - Black Auto Primer

IMG_0343 - Armypainter Silver Spray

IMG_0344 - GW blue wash on Chaos, P3 Blight Gold on trim

IMG_0345 - GW Mud wash

IMG_0346 - GW Chestnut ink in damage areas

IMG_0347 - GW Black Wash

IMG_0349 - Floor Wax seal wash

IMG_0350 - Windsor Oil Brunt Umber wash

IMG_0351 - Windsor Oil Black wash

IMG_0353 - Dull Coat and some blue highlights on the chaos star

IMG_0354 - Some MIG Gun Metal run around the edges, a little
more blue and some flesh added to damage area

IMG_0356 - A side shot.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get up - Stand up

A quick look, standing on his own two feet.

The legs are NOT glued in place, held in with the brass rods
I'll get a shot of the legs pulled out later, I still have some
pinning to do for some extra support.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

She's got legs

Ok, so I got to the legs. It did offer me a slight challenge
because of the elevated foot. Keeping the hip move level
so the whole model does not look like its tipping over was
always on my mind and I did a lot of dry fitting.

So, on a double take I removed the screws from the feet.
I did this so I could use brass rods to help secure the
legs to the feet.

When picking the angle of the three leg parts kept me busy unit
I threw in the towel and went with what the front and rear
pistons would allow. On one note, it seems thy loyal servants
of the corps Emperor slipped in a "clean" part in hopes to weaken
my Titan.

Magnet time

Before I get to the legs I went ahead and used magnets on the hip and
upper torso. I cut the hip's torso mounting "disk", after cutting it
scorch it with a hobby knife to give the green stuff some extra
surface to grip. Also, make sure you don't flip the magnets.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

Never let it be said that I don't learn from past mistakes.

On my last Titan build I had a hard time with the toe pistons
being to short on a couple of toe's. With this in mind I
headed down to the local Hobbytown and picked up a bunch of
different sized brass rods, and good thing because my gripping
foot's middle toe's piston was much to short - brass rod to the

I've pinned the hip ball joints to the upper legs. I hope to
have the legs done this weekend, but its the wife's birthday
weekend so I'm not sure how much I'll get done.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These shoe's were made for walking

Well a little late is better then never. So in dealing
with the position of the feet I've settled on the foot
location. To ensure no slipping I decided to screw the
foot base to the ahmm base. This will also allow me to
do less pinning on the toes since the titan will be on
a platform.

I was able to screw the first foot directly into the
wooden base but the second foot being so high was only
able to be screwed into the rhino. I'm going to do some
additional pinning of the toes to the base.

With the feet secure to the base I set the toes in place.
The rhino foot is in a gripping position pose while the foot
in the crater is in a support position.

Next up are the toe pistons. Next question is do I go
ahead and paint the base/feet now or wait until I have
the legs attached?

Monday, July 5, 2010

What ya doin with your feet son?

Ok, back to my Warhound. I've got the base secure to the wooden base. Even with the resin epoxy I still had to use two wood screws on the corners to force it to lay flat because of a bend.

Now I've been working on foot position.

I think I'm going with something like this:

Trying to decide if I should go with a static foot position or an
action foot position.

I like the static because it provides me a more stable base but
the action position seems more "hunter" like. I'm open to

Panthers in the mist

Well my break from my Warhound paid off. Seems FoW is really picking up steam in my area and since I posted a couple of WIP's I thought I would show how they turned out.