Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting the colors right

Taking a small break from the building to figure out the painting.

I used one of my "extra" parts FW sent for a test run. Pretty happy
with it so far.

IMG_0342 - Black Auto Primer

IMG_0343 - Armypainter Silver Spray

IMG_0344 - GW blue wash on Chaos, P3 Blight Gold on trim

IMG_0345 - GW Mud wash

IMG_0346 - GW Chestnut ink in damage areas

IMG_0347 - GW Black Wash

IMG_0349 - Floor Wax seal wash

IMG_0350 - Windsor Oil Brunt Umber wash

IMG_0351 - Windsor Oil Black wash

IMG_0353 - Dull Coat and some blue highlights on the chaos star

IMG_0354 - Some MIG Gun Metal run around the edges, a little
more blue and some flesh added to damage area

IMG_0356 - A side shot.

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