Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slowing it down

Got a couple more steps completed, added the engine vents/void generator. Also, just a heads up.... Beta head is semi-assembled. I did it in such away that the crew compartment can be pulled out and the top is not secure, this is so I can paint it.  

So, going to slow down abit, going to work on the weapons and make them swappable.

Rubber band man

So, first off an any decent engineer will tell you if you don't have a coffee ring on your blue prints then your not doing it right.

The torso "box" was a pain in the a.s.s
I had to pin, screw, clamp, and use a ton of rubber bands. I got epoxy every where, drilled into my thumb and bleed all over it. If the cops ever need some of my DNA just crack this puppy open. But after a lot of cursing and Gin I got him on his feet.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Head on a swivel

Went a little outside the box today. I did not just want swappable heads but I wanted to be able to move and tilt the head as well. I sank a magnet into the neck, then instead of mounting one to the Super structure I let it remain lose. I found that a Testors  dull coat cap fits PERFECT. Dropped sons CA glue around the edges. When I remove the head the magnet falls into the cup. When I place the head back the magnets pull back together.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ahhh, screw it

So after playing with the pinning and the slightly difficult positioning I decided to go with screws. I had some drywall screws to secure the legs to the hips and the feet platform to the legs. I back this up with JB. I did have to adjust the feet abit. Allowing the JB to cure and will screw in after.

Progress, even the smallest.

Back from a vacation to find some magnets in my mail box. Even after 12 hours of driving I could wait. Once again a shout out to 30mm madness. I used 3/4"x3/8" disc. Used my 3/4" fostner bit to drill out the tab. I drilled smaller holes downward for the JB to have extra surface area, I then drill two bleed holes to allow the over flow to escape. Once secure I placed the torso platform and allowed the second magnet to match up. I then covered it with JB.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The power of the pin

Between commission work and real life I got a little time to do some work on my Warlord. I wanted to begin tackling when seems to give the most headache. Legs and hips.

I used a method I had used with success on a Warhound Titan I did years ago.  I used 1/8" brass rod down through the feer and wooden base. I then drilled up into the lower legs. There is some guess work and dry fitting so just plan on adjustment but you only have one chance when you hit the button.

I've read that some folks had issues at the hips so I know I needed more support.  I decided to drilled through  the hips and use one solid rod. My drill bit is long enough to go past the middle but not all the way so I have to eye-ball it. The nice thing with brass is you can get a bend if the holes are a little off center, just trim down the length if needed.

In the last photo there is no glue used. It's held together with three brass rods.

I will used JB weld to fill the holes as I feed the rod through when I'm ready for that phase.

The only thing I might rework is the footing, the front toe is just a pinch over the edge.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

House Taranis is popular

Another two Knights done. Second person who wanted Taranis, ran me out of decals. Maybe I can work on my Knights soon, maybe even my Titan.