Saturday, December 5, 2009

450th Sentinel

33rd Recon Regiment, 762nd Heavy
Recon Platoon, Blue Squad; Ride #3

A quick post, I've gotten back into
some work on some armor and tanks
and before I dive into them I wanted
to spin up my skills and practice on
some Sentinels.

I do a brush base coat in German Grey
then tape off and do another coat in
Calthan Brown. When that's dry I
peel the tape and apply a coat of
floor wax, this is the base for my
decals and weathering. After I've
added the decals with Micro Sol and
Set and gave them another coat of
floor wax I do an oil wash with
black and burnt unber (deep brown)

When that is dry I do a "Ard Coat
or Dull Coat and then drybrush to
bring out the edges.