Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chimera on the inside

We have already established that I can't leave well enough alone so
this time around I've done some gut work on my Chimera. I'm not
going to convert all my Chimeras but I might do a couple.

I use plastic card stock with a grid pattern.
Its easy to cut to size without having to score it much.

I first cut it to fit the back and side walls and the floor.
I also wanted to create a couple of benches at this point
for my hardy guardsmen to rest upon.

Next I add some gear to add some detail to it does not
look like a padded room.

Next I added some end supports for the benches. I also went
ahead and primed the inside in black since once I get around
to painting it I don't want to mess around with the inside again.

When I painted the inside with GW Rotten Flesh, this is a
good off green color for the inside of AV's. I painted
the detail, not to close because once I close the top it
will not been seen much, just I will know its their.
I also gave it a heavy wash.

Again, not many folks will see it but from a modeler
point of view it sure was fun to do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chimera Doors and Hatches Part II

Forgot to add in the hatch so I'm making this a part II. This can be used on
any hatch for any kit, just be carefull when drilling so you dont bust the

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chimera Doors and Hatches

I can't leave well enough alone and being a long time modeler I tend to tamper with pretty much everything plastic I can. If its a hatch I want to be able to open it.

First off I don't care for the laser guns sticking out from the sides so I have to
shut them down with a simple strip of plastic.

Next I start working the hatches and doors. I use a pin drill and brass
rod I picked up at a local hobby shop.

Sometimes it works, sometimes you run into a snag.

In this case you can hope you have a spare door or you can use
some very small plastic card to attempt to fix it. Sometimes
you just chalk it up to a mess up and let it ride.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Titans

One of the reasons I kicked off this Blog is that my friend Joe and I both own Forgworld Titans, he a chaos one and I have a loyal one. We have both been to iffy to work on them and decided we will work on them together starting on 1 May so I've added a counter to help remind ME of how much time I have to get ready.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cleaning My Miniatures

This is one of my project, this is from Jon.

This is my first project posting. This is for my Imperial Guard army:

Armageddon Steel Legion "The Fighting 450th"

These guys have seen a lot of action and have been around the world twice. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the oceans of Hawaii. They have had paint and repaint. Here is their story.

First off is their bath, everyone in the pool

Next up the wash:

This is what I like to use:

The only problem with using the Castrol Super Clean is you can only use it
once, it works GREAT but its a degreaser so once it has chemically de-bounded
the paint it will not work again.

Next up is the cleaning. I love the use of an electric toothbrush:

First post.

I've created this Blog to track the many projects me and my friend Joe are working on. He's half way across the world but thanks to the age of modern technology we are able to inspire each other.