Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chimera on the inside

We have already established that I can't leave well enough alone so
this time around I've done some gut work on my Chimera. I'm not
going to convert all my Chimeras but I might do a couple.

I use plastic card stock with a grid pattern.
Its easy to cut to size without having to score it much.

I first cut it to fit the back and side walls and the floor.
I also wanted to create a couple of benches at this point
for my hardy guardsmen to rest upon.

Next I add some gear to add some detail to it does not
look like a padded room.

Next I added some end supports for the benches. I also went
ahead and primed the inside in black since once I get around
to painting it I don't want to mess around with the inside again.

When I painted the inside with GW Rotten Flesh, this is a
good off green color for the inside of AV's. I painted
the detail, not to close because once I close the top it
will not been seen much, just I will know its their.
I also gave it a heavy wash.

Again, not many folks will see it but from a modeler
point of view it sure was fun to do.


  1. I like that mate, it's such a shame that most people won't see the effort you've put in.

  2. Man That interior looks slick. I agree the pattenred plasitcard looks great but its very expensive. still a great looking interior though will have to rember to do that onmy next full build.

  3. Good work for plastic cards. Let me know that what you hire staff foe its moldings.