Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its all coming together

Well I finally finished up the arms.

I glued the arm's into the weapon mounts, when the glue had set
I drilled two pin holes that cross for extra support.

With both arms done I'm not able to attach the weapons:

With the arms done I'm not able to put the model together
for a stability test.

The torso's and arms are held on with nothing but pin's
and magnets at this point.

The good news is that I've gotten this far, the bad news is it goes in the
mail Saturday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right to keep and arm bears.

Well even though I said I'm trading my current Warhound to my friend
for his Chaos Warhound I still want to share my progress.

This week was a little slow as my wife bakes cookies on the side and she
controlled much of the table this week.

But I did get the magnets onto the arms and weapons.

It was easier then I thought. I went to the local model shop and picked
up a sharper razor saw and some more green-stuff..

The hardest part is figuring out where to cut the arm. I first mounted
a magnet in the ball-joint in the weapon. Since the shape is a sphere
I pulled some green stuff and rolled it into a ball and placed in at the
bottom and pressed the magnet into it.

Once in place I judge where I need to cut on the arm, I cut it a little short
maybe measuring twice the width of the two magnets and going a little short
go allow the the green-stuff. Better to measure short and cut twice then
measure wrong and cut short.

I then roll a ball of green-stuff and use it as extra security on the
magnet, its better then superglue.

Once the green stuff I run a bead of glue between the magnet and green
stuff and the green-stuff and resin base.

Going to let that cure over night then I will pin the arms to the weapon extensions.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grind to a hault...for now

Well a deal was stuck, my friend Joe has offered me his Forge World
Chaos Warhound in trade for my Imperial Warhound, and after
throwing in some more stuff to boot I just could not pass on it.

One major reason I took it was because I had already planned on
buying a Chaos Warhound Titan anyway and if I can help my pal
all the better. This also gives me a chance to buy another Imperial
Warhound Titan. I'm sticking with the Mars pattern but I think
this go around I will switch up the weapons. The turbo laser has
a better stat line being a "D" weapon but should I go with two
turbo lasers or one, and what would be a good weapon to go along
with it?

Anyway, before I ship it off my buddy asked me to round it out a
little with the small bits so you'll see a few more pics before I ship
it off, then you will see a whole new project.

After my Chaos Warhound is done I'll see about doing my Imperial
Warhound...I still have my Imperial Reaver and asked my wife to
get me the Chaos Reaver for Christmas, so maybe before its over
"Two Titans" will be "Four Titans" :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well my construction phase has about wrapped up and I'm
starting to move into the painting. I have a few lose ends
and adjustments to make but overall its ready. I've tested
a auto-primer on a test piece and its done well, I'm letting it
sit for a couple of days to ensure its sticking.

So now I'm thinking colors. First up I want to avoid red and blue;
while they look good they are everywhere when I look at other titans.
I do see a few greens and off colors but most red and blue.

I was thinking about a "Dazzle camo" but I'm not sure I'm going to
get the look I'm looking for. I was also thinking about a split black/white
look or just solid black with either silver or gold trim with a white head
or some variation of that.

Any ideas on colors or looks?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The aye's have it

Before I started this project I did a lot of reading
to try and head off issues, well, it did not work lol.

Yesterday I sawed off the tab on the torso and replaced it
with a magnet held in place with some green stuff and glue.

Today I attached the torso to the legs, after the glue dried
I drilled some holes in the bottom for some pin's

I also used green stuff to secure the other magnet inside
the carapace.

The heartache, the ankle and hip pistons. It took some work, and I
had some breaks but I got it together. WARNING!! when you position
legs make sure they are in a position that allows the pistons to
attach. One of my front hip pistons was not long enough and I had
to fashion an extension.

The photo is of the rear pistons.

My problem is the rear leg piston. With how I have my legs set its
impossible to attach the rear piston on one of the legs.

Here is where I need the community's help...HELP. The only
option I see is just leaving it off or using flex tubing
to replace the current piston's.

Left Leg (not glued)

Right leg, piston will not reach.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More pin's then Pinhead

Well I took some sage advice and avoided my moment of magnet
madness just to have it replaced with pin madness.

So far I've pinned the front/center and two side's of the torso.

It's worked so far, this will allow me to prime and paint before I
glue it all together.

First up is the dry fit that I preach and preach about.

With my dry fit set I drill some guide holes.

I go with three more pin's in the pipping on the back for a
total of five pins on each side.

I then used four pins for the front of the torso.

This allows me some freedom with the torso.