Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grind to a hault...for now

Well a deal was stuck, my friend Joe has offered me his Forge World
Chaos Warhound in trade for my Imperial Warhound, and after
throwing in some more stuff to boot I just could not pass on it.

One major reason I took it was because I had already planned on
buying a Chaos Warhound Titan anyway and if I can help my pal
all the better. This also gives me a chance to buy another Imperial
Warhound Titan. I'm sticking with the Mars pattern but I think
this go around I will switch up the weapons. The turbo laser has
a better stat line being a "D" weapon but should I go with two
turbo lasers or one, and what would be a good weapon to go along
with it?

Anyway, before I ship it off my buddy asked me to round it out a
little with the small bits so you'll see a few more pics before I ship
it off, then you will see a whole new project.

After my Chaos Warhound is done I'll see about doing my Imperial
Warhound...I still have my Imperial Reaver and asked my wife to
get me the Chaos Reaver for Christmas, so maybe before its over
"Two Titans" will be "Four Titans" :D
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