Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well my construction phase has about wrapped up and I'm
starting to move into the painting. I have a few lose ends
and adjustments to make but overall its ready. I've tested
a auto-primer on a test piece and its done well, I'm letting it
sit for a couple of days to ensure its sticking.

So now I'm thinking colors. First up I want to avoid red and blue;
while they look good they are everywhere when I look at other titans.
I do see a few greens and off colors but most red and blue.

I was thinking about a "Dazzle camo" but I'm not sure I'm going to
get the look I'm looking for. I was also thinking about a split black/white
look or just solid black with either silver or gold trim with a white head
or some variation of that.

Any ideas on colors or looks?
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