Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The aye's have it

Before I started this project I did a lot of reading
to try and head off issues, well, it did not work lol.

Yesterday I sawed off the tab on the torso and replaced it
with a magnet held in place with some green stuff and glue.

Today I attached the torso to the legs, after the glue dried
I drilled some holes in the bottom for some pin's

I also used green stuff to secure the other magnet inside
the carapace.

The heartache, the ankle and hip pistons. It took some work, and I
had some breaks but I got it together. WARNING!! when you position
legs make sure they are in a position that allows the pistons to
attach. One of my front hip pistons was not long enough and I had
to fashion an extension.

The photo is of the rear pistons.

My problem is the rear leg piston. With how I have my legs set its
impossible to attach the rear piston on one of the legs.

Here is where I need the community's help...HELP. The only
option I see is just leaving it off or using flex tubing
to replace the current piston's.

Left Leg (not glued)

Right leg, piston will not reach.
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