Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right to keep and arm bears.

Well even though I said I'm trading my current Warhound to my friend
for his Chaos Warhound I still want to share my progress.

This week was a little slow as my wife bakes cookies on the side and she
controlled much of the table this week.

But I did get the magnets onto the arms and weapons.

It was easier then I thought. I went to the local model shop and picked
up a sharper razor saw and some more green-stuff..

The hardest part is figuring out where to cut the arm. I first mounted
a magnet in the ball-joint in the weapon. Since the shape is a sphere
I pulled some green stuff and rolled it into a ball and placed in at the
bottom and pressed the magnet into it.

Once in place I judge where I need to cut on the arm, I cut it a little short
maybe measuring twice the width of the two magnets and going a little short
go allow the the green-stuff. Better to measure short and cut twice then
measure wrong and cut short.

I then roll a ball of green-stuff and use it as extra security on the
magnet, its better then superglue.

Once the green stuff I run a bead of glue between the magnet and green
stuff and the green-stuff and resin base.

Going to let that cure over night then I will pin the arms to the weapon extensions.
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