Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pinning part 2

Make sure you do some test poses and lots of dry fitting.

It screams "pin me"

This kit needs a little support. Here I've decided to pin the upper legs and hip joints.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Proof is in the pudding

So its 182, not 187

Reaver 187

Several years ago I bought a Reaver. Reaver 187 is what I received. I sat on this Reaver since then allowing things like life get in the way. I have had three jobs and lived in four states, this Reaver has been back and forth to Hawaii a few times. But now I have time and my painting and skill level are up. Plus the wife said NO Warlord till the Reaver is done.

So let it begin.


My Chaos Warhound has since left my ownership. I hope the new owner enjoys it. I've been working on my Reaver so stand by

More post, different device

It's Alive

Fell off the blogging wagon but I own this page some finished product.