Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Epic Fail/2011 Epic Finish

After reading a bunch of hobby blogs and seeing how much everyone has done in the past year and upon reflection of my own effort I realize that 2010 was an EPIC HOBBY FAIL. I have a half finished Titan, and so many half ass'ed projects sitting around. This year I think I will spend finishing my current and shelved projects.

First up I am attending AdeptiCon this year, I'm really not into competitive play but I have some friends flying in so its the chance for me to visit and roll some dice. I'm playing the both the 40K and WFB championships, for 40K I'm bringing some Space Wolfs which I'll post up as I get them finished, for WFB its all about my Ogre Kingdoms. I wanted to play my Guard but I'm not putting my Guard army in the hands of the TSA. Stay tuned.