Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A break from the norm

So I had my friend come visit me from Hawaii for the weekend, his name is Joe and he helps motivate me to stay on top of my painting and is one reason I started this blog so he can see that "yes" I do paint sometimes.

During this visit Joe decided it was time for me to break out my airbrush since I've yet to use it. He helped me mix the paint, not to hard as we were using Vallejo Model Air.

For the test subject we decided to use some Flames of War late war German Panthers.
Flames of War is a great break from the normal 40K/WFB I've been doing and
was fun to do.

Now these shots are WIP's since I still need to add the decals and some weathering but the airbrushing is done.

So now that I'm no longer an airbrush virgin and don't know why using the
airbrush was so scary I hope to be playing with it more and more.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to basics

Good news, I received an email from Forgeworld and my replacement
part is on its way. I must say Forgeworld's customer service is head
and shoulders above most companies I have dealt with.

So, while I'm waiting on my replacement carapace I'm going to start
on the base and feet. I will not take all the credit for being original here
and am borrowing an idea I found on the internet.

I'm taking hints from "Khain" on the "40K Online" forum
for my base work.

I'm using Games Workshops Battlescape scenery as my base, but I also
need a wooden base to secure it together. Once again a trip to Walmart
produced an 8x11 bamboo cutting board that's perfect.

I use some Gorilla resin epoxy, clamps and rubber bands to secure it over

and now I have my base.

Now to fill in the edges with some putty and I'll start mounting the feet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chaos God of Miscast

*sigh* in my cleaning of my new Titan I found a hollow section in
the rear of the left carapace. I sent Forgeworld a nice email with
attached photos of the issue. I hope they can send me a replacment
or at least let me buy a replacment part.

If they can not help me I sure can use some advice, my green-stuff-fue
is weak.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bath time

So, its time to get back into my Titan fever. I've been holding onto
this Chaos Titan for a couple of months since sending off my
Imperial Titan.

I'm going to go just a little slower on this one because of other
projects in the works and the time of year, I have some vacation
time and some friends visiting me this summer, this does not
mean I can't prep.

Of course, if you have ever dealt with resin you know you
must clean it.

I use a mix of warm water and Super Clean I picked up from
Walmart, its a degreaser so it works very well and does not
harm the resin. I let it soak over night then using an old toothbrush
and the sink I scrub each part and wash it off.

I then lay the parts out for some air drying.

At this point it was off to work and later in the evening my wife
bunched it all up for me and put it in a plastic storage bin for seperation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something big

While digging in some bitz box's and check out some unopened
terrain I decided on making an Imperial Leviathan to go along with my
project ADD. So far using two Bastion’s and a Shrine of The Aquila and
a set of Wal-Mart, bottom-shelf toy tank treads I have the makings of a
decent mobile command post for my Guard/Titans for my APOC games.

I still have a lot of work to do on it and right now its a battle with
time vs. my computer gaming collection ;)

But as I progress I'll be sure to post some WIP's as its not even in
decent WIP condition other then what you see.

It came from below

I've not been super busy posting but that does not mean I've not been super busy ;)

I got my hands on 10 - yes I said TEN Armorcast Termites. Now I know they are recast and I did get a good deal on them. Half of them got used in an APOC game, noting like having 10 Vets pop out with flamers and melta's behind enemy lines.

I pointed them at 40 points a pop and deep stike them like drop pods. They also get a one time S4 AP- large blast if they come up under enemy models like the Tyranid model (his is a little stronger) who comes from below. I think it's balanced game play and it was well received by the other players.