Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A break from the norm

So I had my friend come visit me from Hawaii for the weekend, his name is Joe and he helps motivate me to stay on top of my painting and is one reason I started this blog so he can see that "yes" I do paint sometimes.

During this visit Joe decided it was time for me to break out my airbrush since I've yet to use it. He helped me mix the paint, not to hard as we were using Vallejo Model Air.

For the test subject we decided to use some Flames of War late war German Panthers.
Flames of War is a great break from the normal 40K/WFB I've been doing and
was fun to do.

Now these shots are WIP's since I still need to add the decals and some weathering but the airbrushing is done.

So now that I'm no longer an airbrush virgin and don't know why using the
airbrush was so scary I hope to be playing with it more and more.
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