Monday, June 14, 2010

Bath time

So, its time to get back into my Titan fever. I've been holding onto
this Chaos Titan for a couple of months since sending off my
Imperial Titan.

I'm going to go just a little slower on this one because of other
projects in the works and the time of year, I have some vacation
time and some friends visiting me this summer, this does not
mean I can't prep.

Of course, if you have ever dealt with resin you know you
must clean it.

I use a mix of warm water and Super Clean I picked up from
Walmart, its a degreaser so it works very well and does not
harm the resin. I let it soak over night then using an old toothbrush
and the sink I scrub each part and wash it off.

I then lay the parts out for some air drying.

At this point it was off to work and later in the evening my wife
bunched it all up for me and put it in a plastic storage bin for seperation.
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