Monday, June 6, 2016

The power of the pin

Between commission work and real life I got a little time to do some work on my Warlord. I wanted to begin tackling when seems to give the most headache. Legs and hips.

I used a method I had used with success on a Warhound Titan I did years ago.  I used 1/8" brass rod down through the feer and wooden base. I then drilled up into the lower legs. There is some guess work and dry fitting so just plan on adjustment but you only have one chance when you hit the button.

I've read that some folks had issues at the hips so I know I needed more support.  I decided to drilled through  the hips and use one solid rod. My drill bit is long enough to go past the middle but not all the way so I have to eye-ball it. The nice thing with brass is you can get a bend if the holes are a little off center, just trim down the length if needed.

In the last photo there is no glue used. It's held together with three brass rods.

I will used JB weld to fill the holes as I feed the rod through when I'm ready for that phase.

The only thing I might rework is the footing, the front toe is just a pinch over the edge.

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