Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These shoe's were made for walking

Well a little late is better then never. So in dealing
with the position of the feet I've settled on the foot
location. To ensure no slipping I decided to screw the
foot base to the ahmm base. This will also allow me to
do less pinning on the toes since the titan will be on
a platform.

I was able to screw the first foot directly into the
wooden base but the second foot being so high was only
able to be screwed into the rhino. I'm going to do some
additional pinning of the toes to the base.

With the feet secure to the base I set the toes in place.
The rhino foot is in a gripping position pose while the foot
in the crater is in a support position.

Next up are the toe pistons. Next question is do I go
ahead and paint the base/feet now or wait until I have
the legs attached?
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