Friday, November 20, 2009

Storm Family of Tanks. Part 1

This weekend my LGS will be hosting a Tanksgiving and I've been asked
to bring some heavy metal. For this go around they will be in urban,
fresh from the factory camo gray ;)

The Stormlord and Baneblade kits are fantastic and I've really enjoyed
them. With the Stormlord kit it's possible to make six different
tanks; The Stormlord, Doomhammer, Shadowsword, Banehammer, Banesword and
Stormsword. The key difference is the position of the gun housing and
the gun make up.

With some cleaver use of rare earth magnets its possible to not glue
a couple of key parts for reconfiguring.

First off build the basic body and the crew/engine housing and any
other smaller pieces as needed like sponsons and smoke launchers.

Next I build the gun housing and attached magnets to four corners:

I also use some magnets on the body plate:

To make sure I get the correct position I use red paint to mark the magnets
and do a dry fit leave the paint there the second magnets will be glued:

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