Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wit's End


This project has been a true trial on my sanity. Now mind you I have washed all these bits with warm water and soap, and an extra scrub of the nail polish remover and used auto grade primer. And still have paint pull.

Started today with the missile launcher which was full failure and had to be stripped so to end the evening on a positive note I worked on the shoulder pads.

I still got paint pull but not nearly as bad. I decided to turn it into a positive. Since I'm doing weathering and battle damage I turned the pain of the paint into help.

Where the paint pulled I dabbed in Typhus Corruption, it gives a nice texture, once dry I dabbed leadbelcher. I will seal and wash tomorrow.

*** Update ***

I sealed with wax and applied my oil washes. It really helped blend it together. I still have to seal with Matt Clear Coat, that will help mute the colors even more bring it together.

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