Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's in a name?

So I'm still waiting on on last final part to finish my Titan. This waiting has given me a chance to work on some other aspects. Since Forgeworld does nor make a decal sheet for Legio Tempestus I decided to put my iPad to work. I downloaded the Tempestus banner that is from the HH books and with the magic of apps I was able to whip up my Titans banner.

Still to do is huge missing rear, that's the part I'm waiting on. Once that's done I need to do some seal coats and dull coats. Also plan on a base.

I did decide to go with the Greek Titan names and follow a little more of the Greek languages and less of the High-Gothic Latin that we see GW use. After reading the HH books and Titanicus, Legio Tempestus seems to me to be more of a Warrior Monk culture to me so I wanted to separate them a little.

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