Saturday, August 13, 2016

Engineering trials

Got an opportunity to play some Apocalypse this weekend. 3000 points per player, 9 players.

Usually the group who played Apoc come loaded for bear, this go around it was a little light.

Helios went into battle "naked" as his plates were in the shop.

Because of that I went more for the World Burner roll just plucking terrain off the table. Then Tau decided to poke the Warlord and took down "A" void shield.....they had to die.

Round 1 my Titan Guard (Ad Mech) were able to dispatch four Battle suits who deep struck in a little to close for comfort.  With the pesky suits a pile of burning radiated husks the Warlord was able to turn its attention to a group of Space Wolves standing on a hill. Helios reached out and burned 30 down as well as a Rhino. The Tau were using cover to effectly so three buildings had to go.

Round 2 more Tau, Riptides, Battlesuites, Stormsurge. All needed removed and Helios saw to it. To sweeten the count more Space Wolves and a Land Raiders were melted to slag.

Round 3 a Supremency Suit dared to remove two more shields so I removed the Supremency suit. I then removed a walled fortification which saw the death of some Tyranids, Helios was able to turn a Marloc into mush with his point-blank defense weapons. I was also able to recover all Void Shields.

Lesion learned: modeled with 8 void shields, only six of them work.
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