Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to the Forge

Well its time I put pen to paper and get busy doing what I
intended this blog to be for; my titans.

I broke my Warhound back out and have decided to make this
month "Month of the hound" and I hope to have him at least
together this month.

Let me start with the cleaning and cutting. This process took
me about two hours. I decided to cut and sand all pieces that I
could so I could wash it all at the same time.

On some pieces clippers work fine:

On others you need a razor saw:

And with resin you get breaks:

But with resin the break is clean, and after the panic has passed and cooler
heads prevail the fix is pretty easy:

After all the bits are cut I clean them and separate them into plastic
storage bins, tip: do NOT put them back in the plastic bags, the bags
have resin dust and residue, you will have to clean them again.

This also allows you to separate by area, such as all the foot pieces in one,
legs in another and arms in yet another. With a project this big with this
many pieces its important to stay organized.
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