Monday, February 15, 2010

The Shoe is on the other foot

I started in on the other foot, I went out of town this
weekend so I could not work on it as much as I wanted to,
I also have a game of 40K next Saturday so we'll see how
it goes.

Well with this foot I kept up my pinning, but with the
angle I used I ran into pinning issues where I was drilling
into existing pins.

This was the toe pin:

So when I put this pin in I hit the toe pin:

To solve it I moved the center pin on the toe to the edges:

With the pinning worked out I could position my toes. Mind you that
a lot of dry fitting went into the planning.

Couple of issues at this point, the center toe piston needed glued tight
to its housing and even the top of the casing needed some trimming to get
it to fit:

With the toe angle worked out (endless dry fitting) I attached/pinned the
toes to the foot:

Issue two, the smaller toe pistons. With the toes at this angle the pistons
are two short. I went ahead and glued the pistons on but will be snipping
the thin bottoms and replacing them with metal rods:

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