Saturday, February 6, 2010

To Hell(hound) and back

Picked up the new Hellhound kit, it was a joy to build and
covered in little detail's. I wanted to try to move my hand painted
camo job from the Sent's over to some treads before using my
airbrush incase the airbrush did not work out. I like how it turned out
but am still itching to use my airbrush.

15th Infantry Support Regiment;
225th Hellhound Platoon;
Blue Squadron.

Same as my Sent's; a black undercoat and a heavy coat of German Gray (Vallejo)
I then taped it off with Tamiya tape and gave it a brushing of Calthan Brown.
After it was dry I gave it a coat of floor wax.
Once dry I applied the decals using Micro Sol and Set and when
dry I used floor wax just over decals once more.

I then used Winston oil paint black and burnt umber (brown)
for weathering and oil stain.

This time around I used Dull Coat, much better then the
GW stuff.

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