Sunday, February 21, 2010

She's got Legs, she know how to use them!

Well I finally finished up the legs to hip portion.
Pretty much the same as the legs, dry fit, dry fit
again, pin, dry fit and glue.

Careful with the legs, pretty easy to flip around
and turn backwards if your not paying attention.

To note, I switched to a electric dremel vice a
pin vice, careful, the dremel cuts through resin like
a hot knife.

I drove a pin threw the bottom of the foot into the
ball joint for some extra hold.

When building the legs I found it better for the over all
look to keep the hip joints roughly the same height, this
will keep your hip-to-torso level.

I decided to pin the hip ball joints to the legs since the weight
of the torso would be resting on these joints.

Once I attached the hip ball joints I check for alignment one
more time.

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